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released February 8, 2016





all rights reserved


JOULE$ Texas



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Ion wanna hear shit about these favors
I know what you really want is flavor
Just to get a taste of the sauce
This shit isnt made up that shit is too A1
That shit ain't even made here
Meet the maker, the creator
No war is one in a day
No floors we run through these planes
No doors we run in we spray
No shores we run through the waves
No core we hung from a brain
Absorb, lungs take in the pain
The pollution thats grey
Guns, take them away before.. I use them to lay the law
The same thing they aim at jaws
One day you will face a god
What will you say the cause
Was for taking the day they've lost
For taking away they raw flaws
This lifestyle replaced a job
It's lights out the day is gone
On on on..

Turn off the lights now, we going night night.
Sound don't work here.
I keep rubbing on these itchy palms
I swear I hear the money call
I'm hungry but won't eat at all
I dare you come near my dogs
In love with the easy money
I hear you still got a job
I hear you still pray to God
It's clear you can feel your flaws
Feeling that jaw lock when I sink my teeth
Pink be the Sprite when I tip that lean
Yea I sip that clean but my life is dirty
Gotta zip in my jeans for this price it's purty
Gotta stick to the dream shine like you worthy
Go on get ya green
Spend it if you got it
Go on get it clean
Go on get ya money
There's ways to cheat ya government
Cheap labor yet you stuntin? chill.

I know better than to let em get the upper hand
I know heaven is no better than the place I'm in
Than the place I end let my weight ascend
That forever turning cheddar cheesy don't pretend
Corny stories never easy to believe again
You don't need a friend
I'm too deep to print
The ink is shallow only seeps into the sheets I live
All these beats I trip and all these dreams spit
Eventually become reality just like I said
Look what I bled
Those tears and sweat the fears I let
Got sliced to bits no icing this
Reviving bliss the light is quick to shine then dip
The minds a gift
My shine reflect
Track Name: WICKED
I swear that I can't feel this way
Especially with the way I live
I wonder how many days I give
This lean and liquor in my liver
You know how heavy years be getting
Can't slide through here won't take no credit
Look through these eyes, just know I said it
That bone ain't fetched and my phone ain't read
And that phone ain't blessed if the price ain't met at, the exact amount.
I get the cash and bounce, sounds shallow but the wave will drown
And the wavelengths down so down in the depths now now now
Seems so surreal curb deals to nerve chills to bird meals
No words here the verse steer my worth cheers we toast to the gods
Note to the frauds
Expose the facade
Make flows of these thoughts
Stay gold, with the mind body soul
Time be the road
Everywhere is home
We walk that alone
We walk that well knowing the dangers that follow
That anger get swallowed with painkillers bottled
Stains here get solved like that shit never happened
My brain radioactive, stay practicing "actions speak louder words"
Activist leak out that syrup get served.
Track Name: BLACK BAG
Wanna get laid
Get me set straight
Wanna get paid
Ain't no which way
We just going

Flood em with waves
I want quick change
Ion switch lanes
Ion switch games
Fuck the police

Fuck a bitch mane
Want some quick brain
Y'all is bitch made
You won't quit yay
Cause it's snowing

It's cold here
And you know it

I'm a bit strange
I don't get phased
Make a quick play
Get a brick slanged
Under noses
They don't know shit


I'm a dope fiend in the nosebleeds
I just pour dreams
And It flows clean
I'm all grown up
Owe it all to greed
Sowed it all to weep
I don't know cheap
Host no leech ionoe em
Soul made of gold no gold teeth
You know me how he breathe this shit ?
It goes so deep like the ocean

No gold slugs I sold drugs with my nose up
I scope fuzz foe they noticed
Take notes Bruh take a folders worth
I aint novice its that gold rush you could go numb
Probably go dumb having no buzz
I got cold blood I got shivers
Get a new plug rob my old plug for the old stuff
You don't know us? This a stick up easily flip it we get richer
All that soda all that hi tech I can't focus got low shoulders
I got hiccups, get the picture ?
Track Name: VULTURES
Who want beef?
Come at me wrong we'll see.
Choose wisely
Fuck all that talk we'll squeeze
Who want tree?
I'm hustlin a whole LB
Who on me?
Can't touch me that cost a fee

Ion need to lie or explain where I came from
I would never die for the fame or the fake buzz
Fake love.
I'm nothing but trouble don't step in my bubble
I'm nothing but humble these numbers can double in second
Double 07 not touching or stepping
I'm lightning im flash
Im dicing it fast
I'm icing my body
My mind is enlightened
My body don't crash
My life isn't mapped
I'm so unpredictable hope that listening though
Lifting soul way out the trap
Pray ain't prey I won't pray I'll attack
No one can save me but me
No one can say I ain't clean
No one can play without greed
Stay out the scene don't wanna be seen
I lay down to dream but they think I'm sleep
Track Name: CA$H TEAR$
Look at my last year
Book me for cash tears
Don't check the books just to get that cleared.
Watch how I air it out
You scared of doubt
I'll share the clout
I'm prepared for drought
Flood this bitch again like ya sisters mouth
All that shit they talking we gonn turn it down
Burn the town, serve the crowd, what they pay for now.
(What they paying for now?)

Cracking all these jokes
I'll crack ya yolk
Crack ya skull
Crack the kraken take a gulp
Ate some caps
Detach my soul
Got the pack, I'm packing dope inside the scroll
Hope it last the road
Gassing trying to go I pass the smoke
I'm last to choke
And I ain't swallow I just spit out what I've bottled and it flow
Down to follow cause it's gold
She gave neck took the load we skipped through sex cause i don't flex
In the flesh they know who next phase through doors to reach the treasure Ain't no pressure for these checks
Boy I'll run up in that house make that neck hurt add some stress
Crash the nest I ain't asking for respect
Ne-Never that.
Track Name: NO GAMES (f. MAX WELLS)

My wrist froze I was whippin tundras
Flipping numbers
Slip up into hoes wit anaconda
Pulling mamis splitting commas
Fuck a genre


Get it ima stack bitch I'm livin what I'm rappin, trappin ain't a option when you only one that cop it

Yo moves lookin microscopic, old news that I seen yo shit and just top it

On street mobbin with the posse white tee no Versace, got a 50 on me, Rollin dice a Nigga try me

Flame in the game, make change to relate, got a half of the loud in a drawer by the sink

He ain't weighin shit out there it go what ya think gotta dip hella short boy of course why ya came

You already know he never fuckin with the fake, right before you know it someone fuckin with ya fate

Keep faith...
Make sure you throwin no shade and you cool for the day
Stay positive, with no pot to piss, and a pinch of stress don't make it obvious..


Crazy never been lazy
Always on my feet in the streets on the daily
24/7 on repeat sippin brazy
Oops now I'm lazy..
Everyone a hypocrite truth in a statement
Don't act like you made me
Heavy jeans, heavy pockets
Plenty genes if it's children she talking
I got plenty children watching
Plotting, knowing damn well where they got it
Logic apply with the profit
It don't supply me no profit
Just knowledge to polish acknowledge
I got it, it's mine.
Walking my streets with a zip and pint
I walk with the beat this the theme song to life
Eat off my shine no greed on this side
Out reached my design
My mind soul and body, bless

I park my vessel then I hit the astrals
Is art the devil cause it holds the answers?
(That naked truth)
Blink hard to tell if I'm going up ladders
(that coming straight from the roots)
Everything matters I see the motions vibration and patterns
Everything shatters atoms get fatter
No man is prepared for what's after
No manners don't care for your status
Get mad if you want
Y'all need to man up live by the code
Don't fuck with unknowns, alone
Only pick up the phone for my bros
Fuck who you know
Track Name: MOTION (f. SYP)

Senses of the waves
I end up with blood to pay
For my soul I stretch for days
Ride to defy the songs of praise
Got my pen and walking cane
I travel far from plane to plane
And you can see my light by day
Within my shadow I encased my
Figure with my things I take
Carry light and move with haste
Into the sky I can relate
I have no bed I'd rather faint
Into a deep and endless fate
Gravity is such a weight cause I am tied upon the slate
On these rays of light I skate into infinity we gaze.


Cancel the flight we'll be taking the road
Dance around the firee we taking they souls
Cash by the hour the signs they not bold
You got to look closely you got to see more
Forgot we control all the minds that we know
That's right off the dome the light clearly shows
Lights off I'm stoned they don't like that we woke
Meaning Ion need nobody hand
Moms ain't believe that I could be this but I can
They be eating off my hand I be eating off demand
You can sleep I'm coughing lean
Ideas, dreams that turned to plans
That's real life too sweet but will bite
And still night with the steel might
Just kill twice for the thrill right ?
You can feel it ride ..


Passing on i can fade it whatever
The fire within cannot be unweathered
Begin the wave and unleash it for better
I've stared at death and I'm glad I met her

Watching the beast rise up out of me
I cannot perceive a lack of better me
Aim to kill my fight is everything
Fuck your 7 sins only god I bring is inside of me


The moment is now need a worthy opponent
I own what is sound & the chi worth is gold
Cut the soul and the mind plus the body, we mobile.
More miles, don't dial, they know how I do
Ain't no flow like joules


Make with the ripple in time
Space out to clean my desk of my life
The colors consisting of white
Destroying the conscious replace it with mind
Unfolding the soul I unleash whats inside
Defying my elders I frequent the knife
Combat all normal proceed to the light


My vessel untouched by the sickness outside
My flesh is a pigment I'll live and survive
The death of my ego went up in the sky
I split bread with my people heads need what I write
They be schemin' I keep eye open
I be sleep off the lean that's the potion
Cream with the cheese for exposure dreams so it seems til' they sold up And all because we never said its over
Create a lil something for these hoes cause
We soldiers, cold enough to beat and then go off and give these hoes up.